Board Assessment

Our Assessment and Review will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your Board and help to make it more effective. 


Your Board has been appointed to set the strategy for your organisation and to actively manage its performance and risk. This applies whether your organisation is a ‘for profit’ company, partnership, a social enterprise or a charity. 


Today, Boards and Directors are coming under increasing scrutiny, not only for the performance of the organisation they serve, but also, in relation to how far their organisation contributes to meeting social and environmental challenges. It is widely acknowledged that an effective Board will make a significant contribution to achieving organisational sustainability. 




A comprehensive, cost effective, assessment and review of your Board at a single point in time, tailored to focus on your Boards specific priorities.

  • Recognition of your organisation’s purposes and priorities, whether profit and shareholder value, social enterprise, community objectives, charity or a combination of these.
  • Identifying variations in perceptions of individual Board members.
  • Providing the option of regular annual assessments which give you the ability to track your Board’s progress
  • Aligning board competencies with organisational needs

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